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Choosing a mental health professional is a very tricky and inexact process for most clients. Whether choosing a psychiatrist, psychologist, clinical social worker, licensed marriage and family therapist or licensed professional counselor, it’s often difficult to decide what criteria to use to make an informed decision. The process itself can be quite nerve racking for some considering that you’ll be sharing very intimate details with this person. I take my recommendations and referrals very seriously. It’s very important, in my opinion, for clinicians to build an ecosystem of professionals that share their values and deliver the type of service to clients that is consistent with those values. The people I recommend on this page are individuals I know personally and share my passion for the art and science of psychotherapy. They are also people I found to be compassionate, empathic and of the highest moral character. I would be happy to recommend any of them.  Feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any questions about the providers on this page.


  1. Ben DeJesus, is an EMDR and DBT trained counselor, a former colleague and good friend of mine.  He is a highly curious and well trained clinician who works with adults and children.  He is especially adept at trauma therapy, relationship issues and emotional dysregulation. He is currently not in-network with any insurance providers but he is in the process of credentialing with a number of insurers.
  2. Carolyn Settle, LCSW, is highly trained clinician with over thirty years experience working with children and adults.  She is considered an authority on trauma in children and EMDR and regularly provides training to other clinicians on using EMDR to treat trauma.  Many EMDR practitioners in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area have trained under her.  She has been a kind and gracious mentor to me during my training.  She is not in-network with any insurance providers.
  3. David Abrams, LPC, has over ten years experience working with adults in children.  He is an extremely curious, thoughtful and compassionate professional.  He’s attended countless trainings and read hundreds of books on the topic of psychotherapy.  He is in extremely effective with children and adolescents and is in extremely high demand at this time.  If you’re lucky enough to grab an open spot on his calendar, I suggest you take it.  He is not in-network with any insurance providers.


  1. Nanette Freedland is a highly trained EMDR therapist located in the San Francisco, California area.


  1. Dr. Bernd Wollschlaeger, MD is a board certified doctor in family medicine and addiction medicine.  He is not a psychiatrist. Disclaimer: His my personal physician.  He accepts most major insurances and makes himself available when he’s needed.
  2. Dr. Francisco Cruz is an excellent psychiatrist located in the Pompano Beach, Florida area. He is an excellent addiction psychiatrist and a very down-to-earth individual.  He trained at the Menninger clinic in Houston which is one of the best psychiatric facilities in the country.
  3. Sandra B. Stanford is a highly trained EMDR therapist located in the Orlando, Florida area.


  1. Ginger L. Neff is a highly trained EMDR therapist located in the Harrisburg, Virginia area.